The best Iberian pigs from Cosierra grazes in Parque Natural de los Picos de Aroche and in the pastures of Extremadura.


The Iberian pig descends from the Mediterranean subspecies of wild pig and, unlike any other pig, it likes to walk. The marbled appearance, the flavor, the creaminess and texture of Iberian ham result from the tendency this kind of pig has to accumulate unsaturated fat that, upon exercise of walking through the countryside, end up infiltrating into the muscle mass.


We find this pig breed in southwestern Castilla y León, in Extremadura and in the north and south of Andalusia, although Extremadura gathers the greatest amount of specimens.


Among the Iberian pigs there are different varieties defined by the color of their skin and the conditions of their fur. This is a confusion, since among the specimens of the Iberian pigs there are also white-leg pigs.